Jerusha West & Anna Baumgart, cord for inner parts — San Mei Gallery


Documentation of a work by Jerusha West and Anna Baumgart on display at San Mei Gallery, October, 2018
Screenshot 2019-03-15 at 10.29.57
An Extract from ‘cord for inner parts’ an essay written to coincide with Jerusha West and Anna Baumgart’s exhibition at San Mei Gallery, October, 2018
Kibbo Kift Kinswomen dancing c.1924. Photograph: © Kibbo Kift Foundation, courtesy of London School of Economics Library/Donlon Books

I wrote an essay to coincide with works made by Jerusha West and Anna Baumgart for their collaborative exhibition, Cord for inner parts at San Mei Gallery, London, October, 2018. Exploring the use of clothing by the Kibbo Kift Kindred, an alternative mode of civilisation formed in 1920 by John Hargreave as a reaction against the Great War, this text opens up and expands on Baumgart and West’s existing discourse on utility, sustainability and occultism. The essay was printed and distributed as part of the exhibition and the full text can be read online here: Booklet

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